Dan Dixon

Southern California Baseball Director

Dan played baseball from the beginning, earning his spot at Grossmont Junior College, outside of San Diego, then transferring to Nebraska. He signed with the Texas Rangers after his junior year. He worked with the MLB Scouting Bureau for 34 years, developed a summer baseball camps program and is founder/CEO of Elite 48 Baseball. In 2019, he also worked with the Reggie Smith Academy, helping 15u and 17u players with the recruiting process.
Dan and his wife, Gloria, have been married for 26 years; they have a son (Devin, age 25) and a daughter (Dana, 23).
He enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, sport motorcycle riding, and going to the gym.
“I strongly believe in teamwork; that’s the way we can get more things accomplished. It’s always nice to have support and be able to support. You don’t stop doing things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing things and living life. People need to smell the roses along the way!”