Dave Lustberg

Director of softball - northeast

Dave played three sports in high school (soccer, basketball and baseball) and went on to play baseball at Washington University in St. Louis, one of the premier academic institutions in the nation. After law school at Boston University, he had a law practice for 11 years, then owned a recruiting company for attorneys. He did some softball coaching, then moved full-time into public school work operations, including transportation, energy conservation and athletics.
Dave and his wife, Delana, have four children — twin sons Ryan and Danny (age 27), and daughters Maddy (19) and Natalye (14). He coached every youth/travel team his kids played in, over four sports.
He coaches softball in Connecticut and is a baseball umpire for high schools; he plays and coaches on two men’s senior baseball teams. Dave is a natural at math and statistics.
“My motivation has always come from doing the best job I can in helping kids (both mine and those I work with) to learn and grow in sports and in their lives. Coaching softball and working with female athletes is highly enjoyable and rewarding; it’s also important to give them the same opportunities available to boys. If you give it your all, you can always look positively at yourself in the mirror.”
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