Elliott Finkelstein

Director of Sales, Fastpitch

Elliott helmed the Triple Crown fastpitch division for more than a decade, helping it survive through tough times in the 2008-09 recession and then fostering its growth through the 2010’s. CSE will benefit from his deep and profound relationships with numerous “power broker” personalities in the world of club and collegiate fastpitch; previous to Triple Crown, he worked in a variety of industries and ventures.
Elliott is married, a proud parent of two daughters and is very much enjoying the presence of his grandchildren.
He enjoys fly fishing, skiing, and is a skilled guitar player.
“I’m seasoned and a little crusty, that would be a great to describe myself. I have a deep appreciation for those that make stuff and/or sell stuff. Building a team whether at work or play is exciting. More can be accomplished generally in a team environment. Fastpitch is a great game both to play and watch; it combines personal excellence with the team dynamic.”
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