Kim Ensey

Southern California Softball Director

Kim’s athletic background saw her earn playing time in three collegiate sports: softball, golf, and track and field. She began her fastpitch club career learning the business with the Firecrackers organization; currently she is recruiting coordinator for the So Cal Choppers organization, and is also a head coach and manager of a group of six Choppers teams, the “go-to” for coaches and players in the organization regarding the recruiting process.
Kim’s family is a tight-knit group, with friends and blood family alike who she considers family because they support her as much as she supports them.
She loves to play golf, watch live music, and travel.
“I have had many goals and aspirations in my life and not a single one I could have accomplished if it weren’t for my team around me, both personally and professionally. Teamwork is learning from those around you and allowing them to help you. It is teaching those who are seeking your guidance and advice and helping them with whatever step you can. Teamwork is understanding the goal and working as a unit to reach each step.”
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