Lindsay Platt

Northern California Softball Director

Lindsay was a gymnast as a young child, then picked up softball at age 9; she played at DePaul from 1999-2003 and is widely thought to be the best pitcher in program history. She earned her MBA at DePaul, then was softball head coach at Northern Illinois before returning to DePaul as associate head coach. She returned to California after getting married in 2015 and has worked extensively in finance.
Lindsay and her husband have two daughters, Hailey (3) and Emerson (2).
She loves to hike, bicycle, and travel, and has much enthusiasm for tennis, a sport her mother played.
“When I was young, I was negatively motivated. If someone told me I couldn’t do something I found a way to get it done. I liked the underdog mentality and like to catch people by surprise. It’s never been flashy for me, it’s hard work and determination. Quietly outworking others. As an adult I have found that being extremely passionate about the thing I am working for has turned that mentality up a level.”
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