Maureen Kirchner

Data and Analytics Director

Maureen was heavy into softball growing up, and she went on to play collegiately at Regis University in Denver. After college, she worked in math/science curriculum at Colorado School of Mines for elementary and middle school students with an eye to increasing interest in STEM professions; she also worked as an energy analyst, then as a senior financial analyst. Maureen and her husband, Drew, have been married for eight years. They have two sons, Emerson and Avery. She is a skilled singer and has performed with the Cherry Creek Chorale for several years; she also enjoys rock climbing, yoga, and beach volleyball.
“In my personal life, having kids makes you truly understand the value of teamwork. It takes a village. Everyone has different skill sets and perspectives to bring to the table that make life richer and more complete. The professional world is no different. An idea is best achieved when there are multiple eyes on it, and learning to appreciate and work alongside your teammates in a productive way is so important.”
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