Max McDonald

Business Systems Analyst

Max was very active growing up, playing soccer, basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, and more. He played football for Colorado State for four years as a linebacker. He recently earned his degree in computer information systems from the College of Business.
Max is single; his older brother also played football for Colorado State, and his sister is both a soccer player and track and field athlete at CSU.
Enjoys cooking, being outdoors, working out and making sure there is time for family and friends.
“Teamwork has always been critical to my success in life; I would not have been able to play sports in college if not for great high school coaches and a group of teammates who pushed me to be better every day. I’ve learned that nobody really makes it on their own, and you need to surround yourself with the best possible people and those with like mindsets in order to achieve the goals that you set.”
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