Monte McDonald

Chief Technical Officer

Monte grew up on a farm and got involved with horses and rodeos; he also played football, baseball and track through high school. He graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has accumulated nearly 30 years in software development and project management. He’s been building websites since 1994; he’s also worked for Hewlett Packard, multiple startups, and on large government contacts.
Monte has been married for almost 30 years; both of his sons played college football, and his daughter plays soccer and is on the track and field team for Colorado State.
He likes to play basketball, draw, build electronic projects and explore 3D design and printing.
“Teamwork is necessary in life, whether you are raising a family or working with colleagues. Even if you can accomplish things on your own, you can do so much more when you work as part of a team, with a common goal, and supporting each other. I am motivated by wanting to provide for my family and wanting to improve other people’s lives by being a positive influence and providing opportunities.”
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