Nicole Trimboli

Director of Evaluator Quality/Excellence

Nicole played softball, basketball and lacrosse through high school; she played softball at Nebraska and enjoyed a nine-year career in the National Pro Fastpitch league. She’s coached for 11 years at NCAA DI/DII levels and also started two business ventures — is a web service that helps families capture their legacy and NT Athletics keys on team training and development for fastpitch organizations.

Nicole lives in Arvada, CO with wife Lisa; her parents and brother also live in Colorado.

She enjoys skiing, hiking, time at breweries and baseball games, and is also a musician and a live music fan.

“Teamwork is the overall theme in most parts of my life. Whether it’s professionally or personally, we’ve got to work together to make things work! Everything is better when you collaborate. It’s not always easy, but the things that can come from a group of people working towards the same goal are remarkable. I am here to make the people and places around us better.”
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