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Our Philosophy

At CSE, we know as a coach you have a passion for the sport and for your athletes. You coach because you love it and want to improve the players and the teamwork. Our philosophy is that every athlete should be given feedback on how they play and what college division level they play at.

Why CSE for Your Team?

CSE is the gold standard for college sports evaluations. Each CSE has a college coach evaluator and player scribe who spend the entire evaluation testing only their six players that day. We then combine subjective and objective data from each athlete and provide a CSE Report that is specific and created for each athlete who participates. The CSE Score included in the Report displays where the athlete fits in terms of college sports divisions (D1, D2, D3, Power 5, JUCO or NAIA).

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Technology and Data

CSE has partnered with proven technology partners across the globe to measure objective results from the CSE. We utilize their products and resources to gather hard data, which is included with the subjective data given by the college coach evaluators to accurately place each athlete in the appropriate college division. The data is analyzed by our analytics team and then delivered to your parents and players.


Athletes at any level want to better their skills. Each CSE Report includes a development plan that is personalized to the athlete's areas of improvement. The plan is a prescription that the athlete can use to push themselves to the next level. And the development resources are an easy way to help parents determine what the best next course of action is. We don't send out cookie cutter reports, we prescribe development based on the athlete's skill traits and includes resources that are tied to each of those traits.

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Grow your athletes and help families find clarity.

There are few people in our lives who impact us as much as a coach does. As an experienced coach, you likely know firsthand how your commitment to coaching and direction can directly assist in an athlete's confidence and abilities. CSE is committed to helping parents and their athletes start the college selection process by knowing where to begin. We aren't a recruiting service, rather we provide families and athletes with crucial information to narrow their college search based on their level of skill and what college goals they have in mind.

"CSE was even better than advertised. The player experience and level of engagement with college coaches was higher than anything my players have ever participated in the past. CSE's ability to blend a balanced mix of measurables (Overhand Velocity, Exit Velocity, etc.), immeasurables (eye test, are they a gamer) and intellectual/psychological (apex predator, team player, leader, other) gives each player a true 360 degree view of their ability and where their best fit will be at the collegiate level."

Frank Nichols, Head Coach, 04 Texas Glory Illinois RWB

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