CSE Analytics and IT Intern Development Program: AIDP

Spring Session: Jan – June, Hours: 40 hours/week. Co-op students only 

Summer: End of May – Mid Aug, Hours: 24 hours/week, M-Th, 9-12pm and 1-4pm 

Fall Session: July – Dec, Hours: 40 hours/week. Co-op students only 

Searching for both Analytics and IT candidates 

Ideal candidate

Critical thinker, detail oriented, organized, problem solver, good communication skills. Excel, MySQL, and Python (or other coding languages) proficiency preferred. Sports background is a plus. 

Position Location

Candidate can be locally based in Ft. Collins, CO or be remote. If remote, CSE will sponsor one trip to home office for initial training. Candidate must have their own laptop regardless.

Job Description

Event data management: AIDP interns would learn and analyze the processes by which CSE gathers and utilizes event measurement data from its tech partners (Blast, Rapsodo, Team Genius, and Ryzer) and College Coach Evaluators by event type. They would gather that data on a per event basis by participating in the CSE Datawatchers Program, which ensures no missing event data. They would be responsible for cleaning the data, looking for data anomalies, and ensuring proper formatting and storage. They would then be responsible for running all necessary Python scripts to transfer the data into appropriate SQL tables in the CSE database. Once the data has been inputted and marked off, they are responsible for checking player reports, certified leaderboards, and college coach portal to make sure data is being utilized properly.  

Session Project

Option 1: After learning and engaging in the CSE event data process, identify one bottleneck or issue within that process that could be streamlined or automated. They will create a solution to that issue and prove that it works in a test environment. They must present to the entire CSE Team at the end of the session on their project.  

Option 2: After learning about the CSE event data process for baseball and softball, create a new event for an additional sport (one that hasn’t been done prior). They would need to outline what the position types are, discuss what data would be collected per position type, put together an ideal event schedule, discuss what tech partners would need to be utilized, and outline a tech budget to outfit 5 tech bundles. They must present to the entire CSE Team at the end of the session on their project.  

 Option 3: Custom project decided by either Analytics Department or IT Department 

Job Category



$18/hr for undergrad

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