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We use proven tools and numbers to objectively assess each player.

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Accuracy is Everything

College Sports Evaluation is the gold standard for college sport evaluations. Our analytics team is using a visionary and proprietary system to prove the numbers and division levels assigned through the CSE Report. By collecting subjective and objective data, we are able to confidently say that the CSE Score is accurate, reliable, and endorsed by professionals in the industry. We will consistently improve the CSE Score accuracy with each athlete who participates in a CSE through our WAR Council.

Multiple Pieces of Data

Each sport has six primary skill traits that collectively make up an athlete's overall CSE Score. Each CSE will gather objective data (measurable) and subjective data (opinion-based) for each skill trait. The objective data is measured using proven partner technologies, is independent of the evaluator, and is reliant on the technology used.

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Subjective and True Feedback

CSE has numerous strategic partners that allow us to gather the most advanced and comprehensive objective data possible, ensuring our data is accurate and reliable. The subjective data is critical for the CSE Score as we feel all players and participants deserve to know areas of their game that they have mastered and areas that need improvement. Our college coach evaluators are respected professionals within their field who have a proven track record of success (at least seven winning seasons). Each evaluator provides deep insight on the players they are evaluating and the college division level their skills perform at.

Utilizing the Top Minds

Our data is reliable and accurate. Results are generated with a weighted proprietary algorithm driven by experts in the college field. Multiple mathematicians are analyzing data with a hand-selected science and analytical team and comparing the scores to recruited college athletes. CSE Scores are the gold standard for the college sports evaluations.

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Getting Results

After the college coach evaluators have gathered data on each athlete during the evaluation, the CSE analytics team uses their scoring algorithms to assign the appropriate level of college play. We then display the information in the CSE Report that is easy for players, parents, and coaches to understand. It is data driven and comprehensive, meaning each player that comes through our program is receiving feedback that they can use to improve or guide them on their college search.

Tools to Continue On

It is always our goal that athletes are able to learn more about how they are playing and to give them the tools to continue on in their athletic careers. Providing our CSE Report is one way we are able to provide concrete feedback for each athlete that they can utilize. This in-depth feedback is not offered through sports camps, sport combines or showcases. But by attending just one CSE, your athlete will know exactly where they stand and the next steps to take in order to make their dreams of playing a collegiate sport a reality.

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