Hitting Only CSE

In-Person. Blast Motion® sensor data, CSE College Coach Evaluator video analysis and feedback, College Level Indicator

  • 1
    Attend a cse Center near you
    Choose a day and time that works best for you from our menu of Hitting Only CSE’s near you.
  • 2
    sensor data - Blast Motion®
Hit live using a Blast Motion sensor and gain insight to your skill level. This information will also be reviewed by your CSE College Coach Evaluator.
  • 3
    Video upload of hitting
  • 5 videos
  • 2 swings per video, at different tee locations
  • 1 video featuring 10 swings on front toss
  • 4
    Get Feedback from College Coach
Your video will be analyzed directly by a CSE College Coach Evaluator. They will outline specific areas that could be improved in your fundamentals. You will receive a copy of your video with CSE College Coach Evaluator commentary.
  • 5
    College Level Indicated
You will receive a college level rating similar to the one on your left. This is derived from both CSE College Coach Evaluator and sensor data measurement.
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