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2022 cse camp schedule - northern california

The CSE camp experience

With a CSE Camp, athlete’s receive an unparalleled college-level evaluation followed by the opportunity to receive an individualized report including thorough insight into their performance.

CSE Camp DAy

Unlike any evaluation on the market, the CSE Camp gives athletes in-depth insight into their developmental needs as they work their way up to the collegiate levels. During a CSE Camp, athletes capture both objective (sensor data) and subjective (analysis from a College Coach Evaluator) measurements:

Sensor Data: CSE partners with top sensor data technology including Blast Motion and Rapsodo to capture objective measurements. The Ryzer Mindset TAP Test is also used to assess athletes’ mental strength.

College Coach Evaluator: Every athlete will be paired with a College Coach Evaluator in groups of 6 athletes to 1 coach. The College Coach Evaluator will provide a subjective analysis of each athletes’ performance according to their ability to read and react to the game during position specific drills and a scrimmage.

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Lindsay Platt

Northern California Softball Director

Lindsay was widely thought to be the best pitcher in DePaul University’s program history. Her passion for softball continued into her professional career going on to coach at both Northern Illinois and DePaul University.

Feel free to reach out directly to Lindsay with any questions!
[email protected] | (916) 536-6635