College Sports Evaluation™


Take the guesswork out of planning for your child's future athletic career.

Play. Evaluate. Develop.

"My oldest daughter participated in an evaluation last year and we found it extremely helpful. I have a younger daughter that is interested in the same type of evaluation!"

Parent, High School Fastpitch Softball Player, Attendee of College Sports Evaluation


Every athlete registered for a CSE receives:

A one-day evaluation with a college coach evaluator in a 6:1 ratio setting

Evaluation and analyzation of the six primary skill traits needed to determine college sport division placement through offensive and defensive drill tests and a scrimmage

Use of technology partners like Rapsodo and Blast Motion to accurately gather objective data and subjective data
Mental toughness evaluation through our partner Ryzer TAP Test

A CSE Report that outlines the athlete’s overall CSE Score and further breaks down this score through each skill trait measurement and analyzation

Measurement data from the CSE

Notes that were taken from the college coach evaluator

An individualized development plan designed with the player’s improvement in mind. The perfect tool for Club Coaches to re-affirm development plan with athlete

The CSE Answer

Finding the right collegiate fit, both athletically and academically, for your child can be a long and expensive process. Before sending your athlete to numerous sport camps and college showcases or combines, we believe it is important to guide your college search with a clear understanding of what level best suits your athlete.

CSE is the ultimate tool to empower you with information and bring clarity to your college search while saving you time, money, and stress. Here are the steps that you can take to help your athlete complete their CSE:

Find an evaluation near you.

CSE Evaluations are hosted in multiple regions across the US. Go to our Events page to reference the event list or map to find where evaluations will be closest to you. Parents can also sign up for email communication through our website to stay on top of when the next CSE Evaluation will be held near them.

baseball player batting

Register your athlete.

It’s easy! After a CSE has been published, click the evaluation you would like them to attend, complete the checkout, and then create a profile. We’ll also collect a bit of information about your child at this point that will help our college coach evaluators to learn more about them as an athlete before the evaluation.

Complete your CSE with a college coach evaluator.

Just like gameday, you will want to prepare your athlete for a full day of playing. Each athlete will be paired with one college coach evaluator and a group of up to six players for an intensive evaluation of their skills. This day will include both drills and playing time.

baseball player throwing

Create a plan of action.

Your athlete's CSE Score will give you a clear understanding of what collegiate level your athlete can consider playing at. Refine your college search using this information while also creating a plan to help them improve their skill sets en route to getting recruited.

Reevaluate (if needed).

CSE is available for athletes 14-18 years old. The developmental stages in this age range vary from year to year. Your athlete’s CSE Score will likely change as they refine their understanding of the sport and improve their skills. Athletes interested in pursuing a college sports career are encouraged to return to an evaluation in following years to track and show their progress.

Enjoy a smoother transition into college athletics.

The benefits of participating in a CSE Evaluation are plentiful. The results will help to refine your college search and ultimately save you time, money, and headaches of the unknown!

For the underclassmen

CSE assesses athletes aged 14-18, so your freshman or sophomore is welcome to attend an evaluation! If they are interested in pursuing a college athletic career, CSE will help them make necessary improvements to their game over the years.

For the hopeful junior

Your junior athlete is likely beginning to look at schools and hoping to catch the eye of recruiters. Having them attend a CSE will allow them to know where to improve their skills in order to reach their goals and get into their dream school.

For the graduating senior

Seniors are busy applying to schools, touring colleges, and communicating with college coaches. With their CSE results, they will know the division they play at, have data to send to coaches, and a streamlined plan to play in college.

Save money

Having your athlete participate in a CSE will help refine your college search. Save money by participating in less sports camps or combines because the CSE Score and next steps will be the map you need to play in college!

Find the best college fit

Every parent wants the best for their child. With the help of CSE, you will have the knowledge and data to get your athlete into the best possible school for their skill level and academics. They will be equipped for a great college athletic career.

Lessen stress

The college search is always stressful, but we aim to provide a tool that lessens that stress. Narrowing the field of colleges to the correct level for your athlete allows for tours, applications, and ultimately directing your athlete to the right division.

College sports evaluations
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