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Do you have big dreams of playing college sports?

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Dream Big.

If your sport has been a passion and guiding force throughout your childhood, it's likely that you dream of playing in college one day. As you inch closer to making that dream a reality, you might be asking, “Am I good enough to play in college? And what level can I play at?”

CSE has the answer.

"I was struggling to figure out what schools to apply to. I wanted to play D1 ball, but also wanted a great academic program. I could focus on my best fit with the CSE Score I received."

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Every athlete registered for a CSE receives:

A one-day evaluation with a college coach evaluator in a 6:1 ratio setting

Evaluation and analyzation of the six primary skill traits needed to determine college sport division placement through offensive and defensive drill tests and a scrimmage

Use of technology partners like Rapsodo and Blast Motion to accurately gather objective data and subjective data
Mental toughness evaluation through our partner Ryzer TAP Test

A CSE Report that outlines the athlete’s overall CSE Score and further breaks down this score through each skill trait measurement and analyzation

Measurement data from the CSE.

Notes that were taken from the college coach evaluator.

An individualized development plan designed with the player’s improvement in mind. The perfect tool for Club Coaches to re-affirm development plan with athlete.

CSE Will Give You the Answer to that Question.

College Sports Evaluation™ will tell you, with unbiased results, what college sport division you are capable of playing at. When you’re a high school athlete, it can be difficult to know how your skills realistically compare to those of what a college is looking for. If you have areas that need improvement, having a solid plan and next steps to take, recommended by a college coach in your sport, can make a world of difference in reaching your goals. Until now, there hasn’t been a standardized score or measurement to help you determine an appropriate plan and goal. CSE has developed a method of assessing young athletes, just like yourself, that have big dreams of playing at the college level.

Reach Your College Dreams.

Sign up to participate in a CSE when dates in your area are released. We host evaluations around the country each year that will give you individualized time with a college coach evaluator who is trained and knowledgeable in your sport.

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Refine Your Search.

The results from your evaluation can be used to send to prospective schools, help you refine your college search, and give you a plan to improve on certain aspects of your sport. If you don’t receive the CSE Score you were hoping for, our next steps will help you develop a concrete plan to guide you along your path to improving your skill sets and achieving the goal of playing collegiately.

Bringing You Clarity.

The transition from high school to college can already be overwhelming and confusing. There are thousands of schools to choose from, and they all differ based on programs that they offer, location, cost, and size. If you desire to play a sport while in college or are hoping to earn a scholarship, it becomes that much more stressful. CSE helps narrow your college search and provides you with an unbiased evaluation of where your skills fit with other players.

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Set Realistic Goals.

Having a CSE Score that tells you what division you are capable of playing in narrows down your college search. If your score reveals that you are capable of playing for a D2 school, we encourage you to start there! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to play for a school because you underestimate your abilities. We’re here to provide you with a tool that will spell out your strengths, areas for improvement and where your best fit is.

An Overview of the CSE Day.

During your evaluation, you’ll be assessed objectively (skill measurement) and subjectively (college coach viewpoint). Rather than attending a showcase and hoping that a coach from your dream school noticed your best plays, you’ll get definitive feedback from a person who is spending hours focusing on you and getting to know you as an athlete. The assessment allows a maximum of six players per college coach evaluator. You will run through drills to collect quantifiable data as well as have the chance to participate in a structured scrimmage to showcase how you play during games.

Skill Assessments

The core skills of your sport will be assessed through a process of drills and measurements. CSE uses several technologies to gather the most accurate data on athletes such as speed, power, and distance. Learn where your skills lie, what needs to be improved, and how to make yourself better.

Mental Assessments

We utilize Ryzer's Mindset TAP Test to assess athletes on their mental game - which is just as important as your physical abilities. This test was developed to measure an athlete's coachability, mental toughness, growth mindset, and more. These results factor into how ready you are to play at a college level.

In-Game Assessments

Athletes attending a CSE will have the opportunity to play in a scrimmage. Your college coach evaluator will evaluate you in action and offer subjective feedback and advice based your performance during the game and on a team. All evaluation pieces of a CSE allow for a full view of your range of skills.

Learn Your Capabilities

You may know that you've always been passionate about your sport. Coaches have recognized that you have natural talent. But until you know your CSE Score, you can't possibly know where you measure up compared to the rest of the nation.

Set Goals

If your CSE results come back and are not what you had hoped for, that's okay! You are in the perfect position to now take this feedback and grow. Your CSE Score will tell you exactly what skills need to be improved in order to play at the level you dream of.

Make Dreams a Reality

Now that you know your true potential and the steps you need to take to reach your goals, take action. Improve your skills through the development resources we provide. Your results are your property. You may choose to send your CSE Report to schools you want to play for!

Your Results

After your evaluation, you’ll receive a CSE Report filled with feedback and measurements specific to your performance. You will be given an overall CSE college division score, skill traits further broken down by division level, hard measurements such as speed and throwing stats, subjective observations made by the coach, and development suggestions and resources to further your skills. You’ll be able to read your evaluator’s actionable notes on your performance as well as their notes on your mental game.


Your Next Steps

For some athletes, the CSE evaluator may recommend improvement in certain areas to be considered competitive in the division you want to play. For others, you may choose to send your scores to colleges in the division you scored capable of playing at. Either way, your results will take the guesswork out of next steps to make your dream of playing college sports a reality.

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