How would you describe your athletic mindset? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or keep your emotions in check? How do you respond to failure and setbacks?

College Sports Evaluation (CSE) has partnered with Ryzer Mindset and Dr. Robert Troutwine the creator of the well-known TAP (Troutwine Athletic Profile) assessment test. The TAP test helps classify athletes into what Athletic Type best fits them. The test takes about 25-30 minutes to complete where 12 traits are measured on a 1-100 point scale that determine which athletic mindset is the best fit for the player. There are eight distinct mindsets that athletes can be classified into. These are: Eagle, Engineer, Ice, Knight, Maverick, Musketeer, Rocket, and Trailblazer. Below is an example of what a player’s TAP result would look like for their primary and secondary athletic mindset.

Ryzer Mindset TAP Test Results

Used by both professional and collegiate teams alike, the TAP test provides valuable insight into why an athlete’s mental game is the way that it is. The Ryzer Mindset website exclaims, “The TAP is designed for coaches and athletes seeking key insights into improving individual and team performance. The TAP can tell you more about an athlete than you might learn in an entire season of coaching.” Below is a display of the Performance Traits that an athlete is assessed on. This can help the athlete understand where they measure up based on the average score and how they can improve each trait.

Ryzer Mindset TAP Test Average Score

The TAP test starts a very important conversation as their website contends, “Our athletic mindset report delivers tailored situational tips to help all stakeholders successfully navigate any situation. Athletes become more self-aware. Parents gain tools to help guide their young athlete through the ups and downs of sports. Coaches learn how to more effectively instruct and develop each athlete.”

But why is the mental game so important? Do coaches really value what a player’s self-talk is? Why should an athlete take this test? With over 30 years of collegiate coaching experience and the first softball coach to use the TAP test assessment, we sat down with Jacquie Joseph, the head coach of Michigan State University who helped answer these questions.

When applying the TAP test at the college level, she believes it is an essential evaluation tool that impacts both future and current players because it has so many uses. “It’s like having an on-staff mental skills coach available to each player and the entire team which is so valuable to our program,” said Joseph. As for how the TAP test influences her recruitment process, she said, “We need to know they are a good fit on the front end, so that kids will come, stay, flourish, and graduate from our program.” The TAP test is a key tool in assessing an athlete’s mindset so coaches can empower them to be successful both on and off the field. It allows coaches to better understand their current players such as what motivates them and how they respond to different coaching styles. Joseph said, “It helps you know them better so you can coach them better.” As a coach, understanding that all players are different and discovering the best way to communicate with each kid is critical to creating a cohesive program.

The TAP test also serves as a growth opportunity for athletes as each player can appreciate their strengths and work towards improving their weaknesses through mindset training modules that help them become a more well-rounded player. Below is a diagram that displays an example of what an athlete’s improvement could look like after completing this training. 

Creator of the TAP test Dr. Robert Troutwine said, “Your physical talent gets you on the team, your mental game determines your level of success.” With over 250,000 TAP tests completed by athletes representing 10 pro sports leagues, over 2,000 colleges, and 5,000 high schools, the TAP test is the largest athlete assessment database to date. It “uncovers what’s in the head and heart of athletes” according to Dr. Troutwine.

So, how would you describe your athletic mindset? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or keep your emotions in check? How do you respond to failure and setbacks?

Every year, CSE hosts numerous opportunities to evaluate athletes and find out what college-level their skill sets and mental game match up to. When an athlete registers for a Full CSE, they will be emailed a link to take the TAP test online. Register today for one of these events and take the TAP test to unlock your athletic mindset and better assess your mental game.

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-Written By Laura Scheffel