2023 CSE™ Transfer Portal Rankings Softball Top Impact Players©

In the realm of collegiate softball, the recruitment and transfer of athletes play pivotal roles in shaping the competitive landscape of teams and conferences. With an increasing number of student-athletes transferring between institutions, it becomes imperative to establish an equitable ranking system that objectively assesses the impact of top transfers on the sport. By the count of CSE, 697 Division 1 softball players entered the transfer portal in hopes of finding a new home. At the writing of this article, a total of 390 players have come out of the transfer portal eager to take full advantage of the new opportunity that lies ahead of them.

CSE has aimed to identify the best players that have exited the transfer portal as well as assign a ranking to each school that landed a new player. This proprietary algorithm leverages a multifaceted approach that combines derived statistical metrics, player performance analysis, and player eligibility.

CSE defines an “impact player” as someone who lands in the top 20% of all NCAA athletes in aFIP (pitchers) and awRAA (run creators).

  • aFIP is Adjusted Fielding Independent Pitching. This stat takes into account only what the pitcher can control (Ks, HRs, BBs, & HBPs) and doesn’t account for above or below average defensive play behind the pitcher. The adjustment made to FIP takes into consideration the average offensive rating of their opponents. Offensive rating is determined by the average number of runs scored. If a pitcher plays against teams with an above average offensive rating, their FIP would improve. 
  • awRAA is Adjusted Weighted Runs Above Average. This calculates how many runs a player has contributed to on an offense, compared to the national average of zero. The adjustment made to wRAA takes into consideration the average defensive rating of their opponents. Defensive rating is determined by the average number of runs allowed. If an athlete plays against teams with an above average defensive rating, their wRAA would improve.  

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2023 CSE Transfer Portal Rankings Softball Top Impact Players

Top Impact Pitchers

4. Kayla Beaver | Alabama - aFIP 1.60

The Central Arkansas transfer is headed to Tuscaloosa after a great year in the circle, posting an aFIP of 1.60 in 201.2 IP, along with 194Ks. Beaver had 11 shutouts, which ranked 3rd in the nation. She was also named A-Sun Tournament MVP after a dominate performance.

5. Trinity Schlotterbeck | Florida Atlantic - aFIP 2.03

Schlotterbeck, a Maryland transfer, led the Terps as a senior with an aFIP of 2.03 and 92 Ks in 122.2 IP. She started 55 games for Maryland in the circle and on the field. The dual-threat was named to weekly Big-Ten awards as well as the All Big-Ten Defensive Team.

6. Alexis Laudenslager | Notre Dame - aFIP 2.11

Laudenslager, a Princeton grad-transfer, will bolster the Irish pitching staff this upcoming season after Ivy League domination last season. Laudenslager posted an aFIP of 2.11 while being named 2x First Team All-Ivy League (’22 and ’23) and 2x Ivy League Pitcher of the Year (’22 and ’23).

Rank Player Name School aFIP
7 Jada Cecil UCLA 2.12
8 Ashley Miller Northwestern 2.22
9 Morgan Leinstock Arkansas 2.44
10 Mady Volpe Penn St. 2.69
11 Kelley Lynch LSU 2.71
12 Sydney Boulware Georgia St. 2.77
13 Denali Loecker Louisiana 2.9
14 Brianna Lopez Ole Miss 2.99
15 Hannah Price Memphis 3
16 Reis Beuerlein Arkansas 3
17 Paytn Monticelli Oklahoma 3.05
18 Lilli Backes Georgia 3.06
19 Elena Escobar Liberty 3.07
20 Karlie Keeney Oklahoma 3.08

Top Impact Run Creators

4. Ashley Trierweiler (OF) | Grand Canyon - awRAA 35.43

The 2023 CSE Second Team All-American, and Santa Clara transfer, is heading to the heart of Phoenix to join the ‘Lopes in 2024, as GCU hopes to make another run to the NCAA Tournament. Trierweiler had a great season out west, with an awRAA of 35.43, hitting .486 BA, .584 OB%, while hitting 7 HRs for the Broncos.

5. Laura Mealer (MIF) | Tennessee - awRAA 31.44

The Middle Tennessee transfer hit a solid .388BA, with 20 2Bs and 12 HRs. Mealer, a 2023 CSE Second Team All-American, is looking to be a part of a stacked Vol lineup and help Tennessee to make another run at a ring. Mealer was also 30/33 on stolen base attempts in 2023.

6. Mya Dodge (OF) | Missouri - awRAA 27.61

Dodge, who was crowned Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Year recorded a BA of .388 with 10 2Bs, 7 3Bs and 12 HRs. Dodge is heading to the SEC to join Missouri, giving the Tigers some more offense out of an outfield slot.

Rank Player Name Position School awRAA
7 Kaelin Cash Corner IF Michigan St. 25.5271
8 Nia Carter Outfield Arkansas 25.1987
9 Tanya Windle Outfield Arizona St. 24.6824
10 Anna Wohlers Catcher Auburn 24.655
11 Caroline Hudson Catcher Oklahoma St. 23.1899
12 Lauren Almeida Middle IF Fresno St. 22.3624
13 Kelsey Hall Outfield Arizona St. 22.2553
14 Amelia Lech Catcher Auburn 22.0909
15 Emma Kauf Catcher Oregon 21.7261
16 Tiffany Domingue Middle IF Georgia Tech 20.889
17 Bri Ellis Corner IF Arkansas 20.303
18 Joley Mitchell Corner IF Texas 20.1151
19 Diamond Williams Outfield Maryland 18.826
20 Bailey Drapola Outfield USF 18.2772

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CSE classifies college athletes in four categories based on their statistical performance on the field. Dominant Players are those who have an elite impact on the game and can sway the course of a season. An Impact Player is someone who influences the outcome of the game due to their exceptional skills, performance and contributions. A Starter is an everyday player that will have a marginal impact on the season. Roster Players are those who fill the rest of the team and have a small role with minimal production.

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