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Is your athlete good enough to play in college? Find out more on how CSE combines the objective and subjective analysis of athletes to achieve accurate college-level rankings.

The CSE Slider
Feb 07

The CSE Slider – What is it and what does it mean?

The CSE Slider – what is it and what does it mean? When it comes to most camps and clinics, many athletes are left not knowing how they performed. When...
Ryzer Mindset TAP Test
Sep 22

CSE Partners with Ryzer Mindset to Unlock Athletic Mindsets

CSE PARTNERS WITH RYZER MINDSET TO UNLOCK ATHLETIC MINDSETS How would you describe your athletic mindset? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or keep your emotions in check?...
Rapsodo used with CSE
Mar 23

CSE Invigorates Pitching Skills Improvements through Rapsodo Data

CSE invigorates pitching skills improvements through rapsodo data As athletes rebuild and reset their skills and approach after COVID-19, it’s important to pull from the most useful tool kits possible....
Blast Motion used by CSE
Feb 19

CSE Embracing Blast Motion Technology to Drive Excellence at the Plate

CSE embracing blast motion technology to drive excellence at the plate The 2021 season for softball and baseball players will likely feel like a rebirth given the disruptions and delays...
UTC Erikson Flanker Test
Apr 20

CSE Integrates the UTC Eriksen Flanker Test Into Metrics-Based Youth Athlete Evaluations

CSE integrates the utc eriksen flanker test into metrics-based youth athlete evaluations College Sports Evaluation (CSE) is strengthening its ability to develop and educate athletes navigating the intercollegiate recruitment process...
5 Fits to Find Ideal College
Dec 12

5 Fits: What is Your Student-Athlete’s Ideal College Fit

5 Fits: What is your student-athlete's ideal college fit Does your student-athlete have his or her sights set on playing in college? If so, there are many factors to consider...