College Sports Evaluation™

D1, D2, D3

What level is your athlete?

CSE gives you the answer after a one-day athletic evaluation.

College Sports Evaluation is your answer to this persistent question.

Is my athlete good enough to play college sports?

College Sports Evaluation™ helps parents assist athletes between the ages of 14-18 find their college fit. In a one-day evaluation, your athlete will receive an assessment that rates where they stand in comparison to college levels and suggested next steps for development.


Let CSE be your guiding force. Learn what college level your athlete is capable of competing at. Lay out a plan to get them there.


Put your skills to the test. Play your game to see how you match up with college athletes. Plan a course of action to achieve your goals.

college Coach evaluator

Be evaluated by college coaches who have a proven track record of putting together and coaching a winning college team. 

find an event near you.

College Sports Evaluations are hosted across the nation. Select your region and find the next evaluation closest to you!

Play. Evaluate. develop.

The process of a parent helping a teenage athlete determine if playing college sports is an option can be difficult, expensive, and an often confusing journey. Without a clear understanding of what college level their athlete plays, many parents send their children to college camps and showcases. These sport events leave the athlete and parent without knowing how effective their participation truly was and with no further answers than when they began – leading them to continue cycling through college camps and showcases to try to gain answers on their athlete’s fit in a D1, D2, or D3 sports division. College Sports Evaluation brings clarity to the process of determining the best college sport division fit for athletes 14-18 years old. CSE provides a refined and clear evaluation of each athlete’s skill level and gives an individualized CSE Score that states the college sports level their skills fit best. CSE is the gold standard of college sports evaluations and providing alternatives to college camps and showcases to help parents find their athlete’s fit.
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college Coach evaluator

Our coaches have a coaching history with at least a .500 winning record and are aware of the skills needed at each level.  

objective measurements

Our top analytical tools help provide real data on how your athlete is performing compared to college level athletes.

subjective measurements

College coach evaluators give unbiased feedback on your athlete’s performance during their evaluation.

The Answer

In an easy to read display, we will give you the answer to the question, “What college division level is my athlete playing at?”

Next Steps

Our analysis will leave you with next steps in your athlete’s development, guiding you towards tangible goals.

College Level Feedback

Spend the evaluation with one college coach evaluator who will provide insight on your capabilities of playing at the college level.

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