Jill Higdon

Director of Development and Opportunities

Jill kept very busy with softball, basketball, gymnastics, cheer, and volleyball while growing up. She played college softball in three locations including the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and LSU. With her husband, Jeremy, they founded the Tennessee Fury youth fastpitch program in 2007. They began running showcase events, leaving their original business partners in 2014 and have since started 15-20 new events in the region.
Jill and Jeremy have one son, Crawford (age 14); she said family means thinking long term and not letting disagreements keep you from loving someone else.
She enjoys tennis and any sport you can play in the yard; she also dabbles in paddle-boarding, hiking and watching softball.
“A woman/girl has to be unapologetically confident to do all of the things softball requires: throw a ball at a batter just 40-ish feet away, stand in a box while someone throws a ball at them from just 40-ish feet away, field a ball that is hit at them as hard as someone can, catch a fly ball while totally laid out, slide into a base while running full speed, catch a ball while someone is sliding into them — there are so many things that women/girls have to just go for in softball.”
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