Newly-released cse college coach portal set to be top player data platform during colorado 4th of july tournament

The CSE College Coach Portal has been released.

A platform built for college coaches to utilize as a one-stop shop for data, metrics, and player evaluations, the College Coach Portal has already received acclaim from college coaches. Coaches are able to search, filter, and track the progress of their own roster, prospects, and any youth athlete in the CSE database.

Every player who is evaluated by College Sports Evaluation will be listed in the College Coach Portal. This includes CSE camp participants, who will receive instant digital exposure to college coaches from across the nation through the College Coach Portal.

“CSE is developing baseline data that will help coaches at all levels better evaluate and choose talent,” mentioned Josh Taylor, Head Softball Coach at Louisiana Tech. “There is no doubt that this information will prove to be extremely useful for future recruiting classes.”

Via the College Coach Portal, college coaches have access to verified player metrics and data at their fingertips, as well as unfiltered player videos, all of which are provided as part of CSE camps. The coaches can view the data and video when deciding to go see an athlete play live and in-person.

To have a youth athlete evaluated and added to the CSE database and the College Coach Portal during Colorado 4th of July, click here»

-Written By Justin McLeod