2023 CSE All-conference selections

College Sports Evaluation has created the first and only All-Conference selections based solely off of objective data. Zero bias. Biases such as where a player goes to school, which conference a player plays in, play of years past are all out of the window. The only factor that is taken into account in the All-American and All-Conference selections is in-game data analyzed by CSE’s Data & Analytics Team.

CSE’s goal with these selections is to highlight athletes that deserve to be highlighted, regardless of any biases. 

The CSE All-American rankings are based on FIP (pitching) and wRAA (offense), and are adjusted to account for strength of schedule:

  • aFIP is Adjusted Fielding Independent Pitching. This stat takes into account only what the pitcher can control (Ks, HRs, BBs, & HBPs) and doesn’t account for above or below average defensive play behind the pitcher. The adjustment made to FIP takes into consideration the average offensive rating of their opponents. Offensive rating is determined by the average number of runs scored. If a pitcher plays against teams with an above average offensive rating, their FIP would improve. 
  • awRAA is Adjusted Weighted Runs Above Average. This calculates how many runs a player has contributed to on an offense, compared to the national average of zero. The adjustment made to wRAA takes into consideration the average defensive rating of their opponents. Defensive rating is determined by the average number of runs allowed. If a player plays against teams with an above average defensive rating, their wRAA would improve. 

first Team All-acc

PitcherValerie CagleClemson University1.760
PitcherKathryn SandercockFlorida State University2.101
PitcherCassidy CurdDuke University2.735
PitcherTaylor RobyUniversity of Louisville2.927
CatcherSarah GordonUniversity of Louisville19.67
CatcherMichaela EdenfieldFlorida State University19.39
Corner InfieldKarina GaskinsUniversity of Notre Dame32.46
Corner InfieldDeja DavisDuke University22.34
Middle InfieldLexi OrozcoUniversity of Notre Dame29.32
Middle InfieldAna GoldDuke University28.94
OutfieldKorbe OtisUniversity of Louisville32.87
OutfieldEmma RitterVirginia Tech26.63
OutfieldSarah SeamansPittsburgh University25.98
At-LargeValerie CagleClemson University50.48
At-LargeTaylor RobyUniversity of Louisville36.05
At-LargeAminah VegaDuke University24.97
At-LargeBre PeckVirginia Tech24.89

First Team All-Big10

PitcherAutumn PeaseUniversity of Minnesota1.304
PitcherTrinity SchlotterbeckUniversity of Maryland2.034
PitcherBailey ParshallPenn State University2.086
PitcherAshley MillerMichigan State University2.215
CatcherAmelia LechUniversity of Maryland22.09
CatcherTaylor KrapfUniversity of Minnesota21.65
Corner InfieldKayla KonwentUniversity of Wisconsin29.76
Corner InfieldPayton LincavageRutgers University21.50
Middle InfieldTaryn KernUniversity of Indiana57.56
Middle InfieldBillie AndrewsUniversity of Nebraska29.16
OutfieldTaylor MinnickUniversity of Indiana34.98
OutfieldMelina WilkisonOhio State University29.66
OutfieldNia CarterUniversity of Iowa25.20
At-LargeJess OaklandUniversity of Minnesota24.02
At-LargeBrianna CopelandUniversity of Indiana22.41
At-LargeLexie BlackPenn State University20.10
At-LargeKatie KellerUniversity of Wisconsin20.03

first Team All-big12

PitcherJordy BahlUniversity of Oklahoma1.048
PitcherNicole MayUniversity of Oklahoma1.586
PitcherAlex StorakoUniversity of Oklahoma1.602
PitcherKelly MaxwellOklahoma State University1.759
CatcherHaley LeeUniversity of Oklahoma31.31
CatcherKinzie HansenUniversity of Oklahoma20.33
Corner InfieldAlyssa BritoUniversity of Oklahoma38.07
Corner InfieldShaylon GovanBaylor University26.76
Middle InfieldTiare JenningsUniversity of Oklahoma37.83
Middle InfieldRachel BeckerOklahoma State University34.91
OutfieldJayda ColemanUniversity of Oklahoma44.36
OutfieldKailey WyckoffTexas Tech University25.6455
OutfieldPeyton BlytheTexas Tech University21.86
At-LargeKiley NaomiOklahoma State University30.30
At-LargeEllie BaileyTexas Tech University24.97
At-LargeMia ScottUniversity of Texas18.91
At-LargeLeighann GoodeUniversity of Texas18.25

first Team All-pac12

PitcherNiJaree CanadyStanford University-0.090
PitcherMegan FaraimoUniversity of California - Los Angeles1.640
PitcherRuby MeylanUniversity of Washington1.818
PitcherAlana VawterStanford University1.906
CatcherMakena SmithUniversity of California - Berkley31.45
CatcherKacey ZobacUniversity of California - Berkley23.91
Corner InfieldBaylee KlinglerUniversity of Washington28.30
Corner InfieldEllessa BonstromUniversity of Utah23.18
Middle InfieldMaya BradyUniversity of California - Los Angeles40.53
Middle InfieldAllie SkaggsUniversity of Arizona28.05
OutfieldYannira AcunaArizona State University29.91
OutfieldSami ReynoldsUniversity of Washington16.08
OutfieldDakota KennedyUniversity of Arizona20.73
At-LargeMegan GrantUniversity of California - Los Angeles26.07
At-LargeJordyn VanHookArizona State University22.48
At-LargeJordan WooleryUniversity of California - Los Angeles21.39
At-LargeCarlie ScupinUniversity of Arizona19.92

first Team All-SEC

PitcherMaddie PentaAuburn University1.448
PitcherPayton GottshallUniversity of Tennessee1.776
PitcherAshley RogersUniversity of Tennessee1.811
PitcherSydney BerzonLouisiana State University2.311
CatcherKayla KowalikUniversity of Kentucky20.89
CatcherJen CummingsUniversity of South Carolina19.65
Corner InfieldMcKenna GibsonUniversity of Tennessee37.88
Corner InfieldSara MosleyUniversity of Georgia29.27
Middle InfieldSkylar WallaceUniversity of Florida55.86
Middle InfieldErin CoffelUniversity of Kentucky50.62
OutfieldKiki MilloyUniversity of Tennessee57.49
OutfieldJayda KearneyUniversity of Georgia37.56
OutfieldAlex HonnoldUniversity of Missouri36.78
At-LargeRylin HedgecockUniversity of Arkansas34.68
At-LargeZaida PuniUniversity of Tennessee27.38
At-LargeCharla EcholsUniversity of Florida26.04
At-LargeNelia PeraltaAuburn University24.93

first Team All-Mid-Major WEST

PitcherJenna PerezLoyola Marymount University (CA)1.700
PitcherMyka SutherlinCalifornia State University - Fullerton1.710
PitcherKenedi BrownUniversity of California - Davis2.013
PitcherJada CecilUniversity of California - San Diego2.109
CatcherShea ClementsUtah Tech University26.42
CatcherSerena HuchingsonBoise State University21.74
Corner InfieldRamsay LopezGrand Canyon University28.71
Corner InfieldAriana MartinezUniversity of Nevada - Las Vegas29.11
Middle InfieldLauren AlmeidaUtah Tech University23.52
Middle InfieldKatelyn DunckelGrand Canyon University22.82
OutfieldAshley TrierweilerSanta Clara University36.62
OutfieldTanya WindleUtah Tech University25.95
OutfieldKelsey HallBoise State University24.46
At-LargeKayla BowenNew Mexico State University24.81
At-LargeHuntyr AvaBrigham Young University24.57
At-LargeMac BarbaraSan Diego State University23.01
At-LargeKatelyn DunckelGrand Canyon University22.82

first Team All-Mid-Major Central

PitcherSamantha HeyerUniversity of Northern Iowa1.119
PitcherKamryn MeyerUniversity of Nebraska - Omaha1.240
PitcherKayla BeaverUniversity of Central Arkansas1.601
PitcherKK LadnerSoutheastern Louisiana University2.251
CatcherAlexis PupilloUniversity of Northern Iowa39.95
CatcherAnna WohlersDePaul University27.15
Corner InfieldKailey GambleNorth Texas University26.39
Corner InfieldHaley WynnBall State University25.61
Middle InfieldJackie LisSouthern Illinois University29.15
Middle InfieldSydney McKinneyWichita State University26.28
OutfieldMya DodgeUniversity of Northern Iowa31.60
OutfieldAddison BarnardWichita State University29.49
OutfieldGabbie KowalikSaint Louis University23.39
At-LargeLauren AllredUniversity of Louisiana25.05
At-LargeLauren MillsWichita State University24.71
At-LargeGaby GarciaStephen F. Austin State University24.58
At-LargeLindy MilkowskiEastern Illinois University23.81

first Team All-Mid-Major East

PitcherHannah JamesMurray State University1.232
PitcherMaya JohnsonBelmont University1.469
PitcherOlivia LackieUniversity of South Alabama1.920
PitcherKasey RicardBoston University1.980
CatcherAutumn OwenMarshall University40.14
CatcherBailey VannoyUNC Charlotte26.31
Corner InfieldHannah ShifflettJames Madison University29.14
Corner InfieldKassidy KrupitUNC Charlotte27.35
Middle InfieldKarli SpaidUniversity of Miami (OH)34.64
Middle InfieldLaura MealerMiddle Tennessee State University34.19
OutfieldAllie CumminsUniversity of Miami (OH)34.04
OutfieldRachel RoupeLiberty University25.86
OutfieldTaylor McKinneyTroy University25.74
At-LargeMeghan GiordanoHofstra University28.11
At-LargeKaelin CashSaint Joseph's University26.75
At-LargeVenice SandersAlabama A&M University26.53
At-LargeCaroline HudsonLiberty University26.28

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