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Passionate. Empowering. Coach. These three words embody what our college coach evaluators are and do for their athletes. CSE hand-selects college coach evaluators to participate in evaluations around the nation. Are you passionate about kids accomplishing their dreams of being college athletes? Are you an expert in your field and have a winning track record? You just might be a perfect fit for our team as a college coach evaluator.

Qualifications and Experience

Our college coach evaluators are true experts in their field and have experience working with and assessing athletes. Each evaluator is required to have at minimum seven years coaching experience with an overall winning record in a college sport. Coaches with less than seven years of experience or less than a .500 winning record require a championship in the conference or tournament. They work with players during evaluations, with a six player to one coach ratio. This ensures that evaluators will be able to get to know each athlete and assess their abilities. Evaluators then compile data and using their professional knowledge and experience give athletes an overall CSE Score. This score helps the athlete to determine at which college division they are able to play.

Are You a Good Fit for CSE?

Our regional evaluation directors are looking for top professionals in each sport and region to evaluate athletes ages 14-18 who are interested in finding their fit in college sports. Evaluators must be able to professionally evaluate student athletes with an unbiased eye while having true knowledge of the sport and college sports atmosphere. Additionally, our evaluators much show they are physically capable of performing tasks, show a positive and encouraging attitude, possess excellent communication skills and have a cooperative attitude. Our college coach evaluators are problem solvers with a passion for youth athletes.

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Part Time


Pay rate will be determined by experience.

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