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What collegiate level does your daughter dream of playing softball at? Is she a JUCO or D1 player?

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Fastpitch Softball with CSE

There are softball players all across the country just like your daughter who are dutifully working on pitching, hitting in batting cages, and working on their game in hopes of playing on a college team. Until now, there was no way to assess your athlete’s skill level and compare to other players. College Sports Evaluation™ is here to help you know exactly where your softball player's skills are and where they need to be in order to play at a D1, D2, D3, JUCO, or Power 5 school.

CSE College Coach Evaluator

Our CSE College Coach Evaluators are contracted to work with CSE and provide the best, unbiased feedback for the athletes coming through our evaluations. Each coach is required to have coached at least seven softball seasons at the college level with an overall winning record. This experience means they know the sport, know what it takes to play at the college level, and can assess athletes and their skills while providing valuable feedback.

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The Six Skill Traits

Each softball player participating in a CSE will be assessed both objectively and subjectively on six main skill traits of softball that pertain to their particular positions.

Specific Feedback

Your athlete’s CSE Score will take the objective data and subjective data into consideration. The subjective data is comprised of notes and observations from the CSE College Coach Evaluator. The evaluator will watch your athlete perform drills and play in a scrimmage (if participating in the Full CSE). Based on what they see from the performance, they will give feedback on what to improve upon and what college level they think your athlete is capable of playing at.

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softball fastpitch player


CSE has partnered with several companies to provide top-of-the-line technology during our evaluations. These technologies allow us to collect the most accurate data possible when it comes to measuring speed, power, and angles. Technologies differ between sports. For softball, CSE uses Blast Motion to measure hitting power and contact, and Rapsodo to provide top of the line analytics and measurement for arm velocity. Each athlete also undergoes an athletic mindset test called Ryzer’s Mindset TAP Test to evaluate their mental toughness level.

Self Evaluation

Before attending the CSE, your softball player will submit a self evaluation. Finding the perfect college fit involves many factors outside of softball, including academics, interests, distance from home, finances, and more. She'll also be asked questions pertaining to softball about primary position, preferred coaching methods, and schools who have shown interest, among other things.

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fastpitch softball player batting

Get to Know the Player

The largest advantage that CSE has over college showcases is that your CSE College Coach Evaluator only focuses on six athletes at a time, with your athlete being one of those. This ensures significant one-on-one time and allows the evaluator to really get to know your daughter as a player.

Next Steps

At the end of the evaluation, the CSE Report will be sent to you. The report includes next steps and skill development resources. The goals are individual to the player, but focus on improving skills, mental toughness, and overall athleticism. Now that you know what your daughter is capable of, it’s up to you to work together on development and improvement to reach your goals!