College Sports Evaluation™

How it works

We use the industry's leading technology to produce reliable CSE Scores.

What You’ll Receive

We feel each athlete deserves to walk away with constructive feedback and a clear picture of their current athletic level. Many sports showcases or camps provide only the elite with any feedback, leaving the majority without any insight from the thousands of dollars spent to get their athlete on site and “seen” by coaches.

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A CSE not only supplies athletes and parents with this feedback, but it also allows the student athletes to interact and play their sport with their college coach evaluator in a one to six ratio evaluation that consists of game play and skill assessment drills.

After completing the CSE, each athlete will receive a CSE Report that includes their individual score for each skill trait in their sport and a score for their overall collegiate level of play (D1, D2, Power 5, etc.). Each CSE Report will outline the college coach evaluator’s notes on an athlete’s individual performance during the CSE. The final pages incorporate the development plan and resources unique to the athlete that spells out next steps to their college sports career and outlines the self evaluation prepared and submitted by the athlete prior to the evaluation.

The Data Behind CSE

CSE is the gold standard for college athletics and a tool for the parent and athlete to send to colleges,  that are a great fit, post evaluation.  The analytics team at CSE works tirelessly to ensure our metrics are consistently accurate, reliable, and in accordance with professionals in the industry. We have partnered with two colleges to complete longitudinal data research to ensure the accuracy and consistency of a reliable product. 

CSE’s college coach evaluators will gather objective data (measurable) and subjective data (opinion-based) for the predetermined set of skill traits for each sport. After this data is collected, the CSE analytics team will use their proprietary scoring algorithm to assign the appropriate level of college play based on the performances of these skills.


Evaluators collect hard data based on speed, power, distance, etc. with the industry’s leading technology.


Evaluators observe players while running drills and playing games to provide their professional opinions.


Collecting accurate objective data on an athlete requires tools and technology – something that can produce results and record specific angles and speed of a swing or a pitch. While college coach evaluators are great at observing athletes and offering their professional opinions, we also need hard numbers to produce a holistic image of an athlete’s skill level. 

CSE is currently partnering with several companies to capture data. These companies include Blast Motion, Ryzer TAP Mindset Test, and Pocket Radar Inc, with more partnerships with top industry product companies in the works. You can learn more about each of these technologies and how they will benefit your athlete on our Technology page.

Blast Motion

Analyze swings, attack angle and bat speed with bio mechanical measurement with just a bat and Blast tool. 

Velocity and Pitching Measurement

Analyze pitch, swing, and launch angle, velocity, spin rate and direction for every swing. Understand trends and improve. Stay tuned to learn more!

Ryzer Mindset TAP Test

Predict performance and motivation and measure mental toughness, resiliency and grit compared to other athletes.

College sports evaluations
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